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27th Jul 12 - Jiahui graduate!

:D suddenly felt like making a post to remember this night!

haha, perhaps because its the first time in ages since i felt like we were back to how we were in jc! its a nice feeling to be able to regain such a precious 默契 that i almost thought was lost over the years of being perpetually absent, be it physically or mentally. ;____;

hahah..whatever it is, its nice to be able to feel for everyone again! yayyy only now then i feel like i m really back, yeah we should meet up four times a week every week!

(in clockwise and present-absent order! hahaha)
10th Mar 12
Hello people!

I know this hasn't been the most updated site, but I shall strive to keep it updated once in a while since we're only going to get busier in our lives and we may one day need an anchor to hold on to.

Here are 2 gorgeous photos from our MBS stay on 230711.

26th Aug 10 - HengNeos CAN SING!

Erm may take a while to load hmm. I realise that the player is not working well so if you are unable to access, use this rss link instead:


0. Crazy girl tries to sing song into new mic and post on youtube.

It was supposed to be meant for the Diva Song but NO! I cannot reach the high notes!!! :(

5th Aug 10 - 笑!
Some videos we were talking about tonight at the buffet.

1. Stupid boy loses his nose.

2. Original Diva Dance from the movie, Fifth Element.

3. Crazy girl sings Diva Dance.

4. Another crazy girl vibrates her head while mascaraing.

5. The Japanese Tradition - Hashi.

6. Really short Chinese girl.

9th Jul 10 - NO!?!

:D Pixar. *worships*

10th Jun 10 - NYAM NYAM NYAM NYAM~
Simply because no one's been here in forever...

Live version here..


18th Jan 10 - YEY YEY!
I guess I'm the only one who posts in here already, because I am damn free!!!! ADM!!!

- - - - -

was sifting through old entries on this journal looking for something (but halfway through I forgot what I was looking for. We all get that sometimes right? Its not just age right?)

...when I got to this cute entry by Jy!

lol..kk since i m soso free now ..(jus dat my not-literally running nose n sore throat is killing me..) i shall grant KK's wish n blog abt d laughing incident hoho..

ok...basically..on sat nite..aft d seniors left..we went on to work on our cw...until 10 den we left d sch as we had promised mrs neo...den we went ecp food centre to eat ...so we walked there ..actually my memory of dis whole process above was rather vague cos all d while i was gg crazy on d phone abt the stupid CIP thingie..grrr...

den anw halfway thru eating...we kept toking abt lame crap stuff..like really cold disgusting jokes n anecdotes dat we hav heard throughout our entire short lives...to name a few: fren finding beansprouts in excrete...gross ways of teeth-picking (with live-demo)... getting meat blob fr nowhr fall on watch face ...dad's not-flushing-toilet habit...vomitting etc etc.. den ivan started to demonstrate to us how dis gal can win dis running race by turning her head to vomit at he opponent den continue running as if nth had happened...(cant rmb if it was a true incident or jus a crap suggestion)..den for some reason it tickled our nerves and we kept laughing ...it wasnt merely normal laughing..but real crazy laughing fits...we were all like almost rolling on d floor...i rmb jh was squatting on d floor laughing like mad...deb ivan laughed till he couldnt breathe, like there's a knot in his lungs dat only prompted him to laugh further if he tried inhaling...n i, being the most innocent victim, was jus sitting dere trying to drink my cup of coke cos i had a sore throat n none of d foods appealed to me ...den everyones' laughter spread to me as well n i kept choking on my coke...cos den after like 5 or 10 min ...i cant rmb..d laughter sort of subsided...den dunno y some random action made KK n isaac start all over agn n their laughter was soso damn contagious (KK's was like hohohoho v low laughter n u can see he's trying to control it but d more he tries d worser he laughs...n Isaac's one is d direct opposite..it goes heh heh heh heh argh argh argh..*too high-pitched for audibility*..argh argh argh... )dat we all started our laughing bouts again...dis time it was much longer or d same time i have no idea..den it jus came on n off n on n off for i dunno how many times before we finally brought it to a complete full-stop...but basically i spilled most of my coke n got a burning nose cos of d constant coke-choking...n everyone had tummy aches due to ..excessive laughing...with d exception of boon han...somehow he was jus immune to our laughing disease n he stood aside( to make space for us to laugh?) looking at us puzzledly...constantly muttering "ok...wad is so funny? i seriously dun get it u noe? can someone tell wad are u all laughing about? i jus dun get it..i jus dun get it..."lol poor boon han...but i guess d real poor peeps were all the members of public at ecp who were staring at us like we were a hysteric bunch of apes jus released from captive...not to mention dat we were all in full u...n it was almost midnite ..wow..

but i really enjoyed it alot,...getting all high n everyone gg crazy in public..plus it helped me vent out lots of d stress n anger fr d earlier freaking incident i jus experienced haha...n it was d first outing we had dat had so many pple present..7 in all...only ym n jm din come :( but at least its better den usual...when its only d perf five..hehe.

wadver it is..lets all go out more more often!!!! n everyone has to go!!!! d more d merrier ! den we ll have more laughter n more craziness! hehe


29th Dec 09 - Google maps ♥
I've been tracing my way around Ximending on google maps

East dragon hotel, it looks quaint.

“A vessel that’s empty has the possibility, precisely because it is empty, to hold things inside. In the same way, abundance lies in possibility – the possibility that exists before anything occurs,”
-Kenya Hara, art director and brand strategist of MUJI

Hence, the cup is NEVER empty, it is always full of possibility! :O man i love Muji.



(the one at the back)

Let's get this for Mrs Neo and Mr Heng, what say you guyz?
Iya, really wanted to get for them.

26th Nov 09

Trust the Japanese to come up with something like this... ROTFLOL! XD

Darlings! Yes it is our favourite exam period where mugger bondings and insane gestures are born. So I've just finished my last assignment for 2d animation and I don't know why the hell I did like 200+ frames??? Which idiot does that!?

Well, but anyway for some of that exam fun(insaneness), here's a selection of videos. I think I showed some of you but I couldn't resist putting them here lah.

I totally think the last one is GENIUS. TOTALLY!

25th Oct 09 - Dance Like Mad!!!

Awww....This video made me like the song all over again!!

6th Oct 09 - Chicken In Paper

bao bao bao bao bao zhi bao jia bao zhi bao ji ji ji ji ji bao zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi....


Ok I need responses!! Who's in for a dec trip to Taiwan, possibly middle or end dec!! Say aye, say nay, sing aye, aye, aye~yo~~~~


20th Sep 09 - I FOUND IT!!!

Yay no more having to search through so many songs at KTV anymore!

P.S Marketing suxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8th Aug 09 - lovers in Japan!
i dont know who is going to appreciate these.. but im going to share anyway, because.... funny leh! ♥ ♥ ♥

Trying to speak english.


鮫. hahaha!

k i might be alone in this......

-tx jemima
22nd Jul 09 - ECLIPSEX
If you were like me and woke up this morning to find the skies overcast with grey clouds and none of the spectacular partial eclipse that the media was harping on the whole of yesterday, I have decided to search through this entire century's worth of eclipses to find 2 that will satisfy your curiosity (health and longevity not guaranteed).

Click to enlarge!

The left one is a total solar eclipse on the 20th April 2042 and although the path of totality does not fall over Singapore, it is the nearest path of totality we will be getting in a long long time, and we will still get some really awesome partial eclipse.

The right one is an annular solar eclipse falling on the 28th February 2063, meaning that the moon is not big enough to cover the sun. With an eclipse magnitude of 0.9292, we will be getting a nice thin annulus outlining the moon. This on the other hand, allows the antumbra to fall right over Singapore and it should be very beautiful indeed.

Please try to live as long as possible!

OMG my wisdom tooth is coming out! Yeemay please help me remove it at a discounted price please? God bless all dentistry students.

-KK is sighing-